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Cultural heritage

Public call for the selection, promotion and dissemination of activities within the framework of cultural heritage (popular culture) on a competitive basis during the year 2021.

30/11/2021 10:01
Cultural heritage

The purpose of the present is the promotion and dissemination of cultural projects and/or activities that promote the cultural values of the Islands in the discipline of cultural heritage, through actions that work to recover the memory and cultural identity of the Canary Islands, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding, preserving and disseminating the cultural heritage of the archipelago. The actions to be developed will be carried out in face-to-face mode, digital format or both. In particular, the following modalities will be contracted: unpublished research; projects whose central theme is the Canary Islands' cultural heritage and the relationship between memory-community, but which promote the participation and active collaboration of diverse cultural agents and sectors; and dissemination activities linked to cultural heritage routes and itineraries, or training projects.